Walking around Monzen-Nakacho, Fukagawa "Take it with a film camera! ] was held!

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Saturday, November 12, 2022 The weather is sunny!

WS sponsored by Nisshin Camera at Monzen Nakacho
Walking around Monzen-Nakacho, Fukagawa "Take it with a film camera! 』
We invited Mr. Koichi Akagi as a lecturer and held it!
Participants range in age from 20s to 70s.

First of all, it started with greetings.
Everyone was proud of their film cameras and introduced themselves.

It's a very nice weather and I'm worried about exposure.
In such a case, Mr. Akagi gave me the password "Senpachi (shutter speed 1000 and aperture F8)".

The entire town of Monzen-Nakacho is very attractive, so you won't have any trouble finding subjects.

I got permission from the shop owner to take this photo.
Everyone was fascinated by the daruma dolls of various sizes.

I wonder what you are shooting.

I will take pictures while receiving advice from Mr. Akagi.
Everyone listened intently and tried to practice.

The city was colored with red leaves, the light was beautiful, and the riverside was very nice.
When the canoe crossed, everyone was running around left and right and back and forth, so I was really looking forward to the finished picture.

For lunch, we enjoyed arranging the cameras that everyone had, and this time we had three Nikon Fs! cool!
The OM-1 was also popular.

Here is the start of the second half!

Take a finished photo and choose.
There must have been a lot of people who usually just scan and print at the same time.

Shooting with film is difficult, but choosing three favorite photos is also difficult. I will submit a photo that everyone thought about.

I'm excited to show it to Akagi-sensei and everyone else.
It turned out to be a very interesting review meeting because everyone took different pictures even though they were rotating in the same way.
And everyone is very good at photography, and I learned a lot.

And it's time for the long-awaited get-together.
That's right, Nisshin Camera is a camera shop where you can drink alcohol, so you can have a toast on the spot.

Cheers to everyone with Mr. Akagi's toast.

All participants had a great time talking.
I think it's wonderful that everyone enjoys their favorite thing called photography.

The fun time passed quickly and it was time to leave.
However, I was really surprised that everyone drank so much alcohol.

Were you okay the next day?

Blessed with good weather, it was a really quick day.
I would like to plan a photo session like this again and have fun with everyone.

Thank you very much, Dr. Akagi.
Thank you again.

(Staff: Tanachi)

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