CineStillfilm 400D + OLYMPUS PEN-F で撮ってみた!📸

I shot with CineStillfilm 400D + OLYMPUS PEN-F! 📸

I tried using the much-talked-about film CineStillfilm 400D.

The D in 400D is for DYNAMIC
The full name of this film is CineStillfilm 400D dynamic.

This article will tell you what is dynamic... . .

One of the characteristics of CineStillfilm is that it bleeds red. It's kind of nice to have red in one spot.

Maybe the camera I'm using has a bad malt, and the light leakage is bleeding red, and it looks very nice.


A simple snap can be captured dramatically like a scene from a movie.
I'm shooting with a half camera, so it's nice to be able to take a lot of shots

By the way, it is recommended to take pictures at night, and the illuminations are good this time of year!
UDX is booming in Akihabara as well.

the blur is so beautiful

Isn't Shibuya fashionable at night? When you think about it, it's an outstanding goodness.

The price is considerably higher than ordinary film, but I think that there is a great sense of satisfaction. I want to shoot myself again. That's what I think!

There is also the fact that the PEN-F is very good, but if you put it in a half camera, there is a sense of value.

DYNAMIC Let's have fun!

CineStillfilm 400D now on sale!
Please visit Nisshin Camera to purchase film!

(Staff: Tanachi)


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