Shot with Kodak Pro Image100 + Kodak EKTAR H35! 📸

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35mm half camera Kodak EKTAR H35 that became a hot topic in the summer of 2022
I loaded the Kodak Pro Image 100 and tried shooting.

It's a very light camera, so you can take about 3 cameras with you even when you're riding a bicycle, so it's a convenient camera to take anywhere.

Compared to the GOLD200 and COLOR PLUS200, the film has lighter colors and is easy to use because it can be used for any subject.

Since it is a half-camera, you can shoot twice as much, and you will end up shooting various things.

At this time of year, the blue color of the sky is really beautiful and I feel like taking pictures

The EKTAR H35 is a plastic lens, but the image is sharp.
You can clearly see that there is a cat in the shadow.

I want you to see this photo!
It turned out so well that I was most surprised when I took the picture.
It was quite dark, so I was worried about iso100, but it was all right.

It's simple, but it's good because it's full of Kodak.

I always forget to lay down.
However, it is EKTAR H35 that can shoot quickly.
I think this is a good way to release the shutter when you are interested.

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(Staff: Tanachi)

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