I tried to shoot with "Shanghai Shenguang Type I ISO400 27 shots"!

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Last time we talked about starting this corner 😊

Although it is immediate,

I would like to introduce the films and examples I took.

Start here! ☛

Shanghai Shenguang Type I ISO400 27 shots


The package is cute when you look at it 🌈

MINOLTA's X700 & NEW MD50/1.7,

From around Akihabara Station and from our store using this film

stretch your legs a little

I took a picture of Kanda Myojin Shrine and its surroundings ♪

~Kanda Myojin Shrine~

It was very colorful, and it was beautiful with a gorgeous building!

Also, the details of the decoration were beautiful.

In this way, even if you look at the photo, the color is clear and the feeling is the same as the real thing.

Is the high saturation a characteristic of film?

~Yushima Cathedral~

I also went to the nearby Yushima Seido.

Built among trees,

I was overwhelmed by the majestic atmosphere of the cathedral!

It seems to be the birthplace of Japanese school education,

Near the entrance, there were many votive plaques praying for success!

I took some other pictures along the way☺

Color film Shanghai Shenguang Type I ISO400 27 shots

It was an introduction of the example shot at (^ ^ ♪

What did you think?

Although it will be irregular from now on,

I would like to introduce some film examples.

Thank you very much!

See you next time♪

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