Purchase information

About purchase/trade-in assessment

Bring your camera and lenses to our store for a free assessment.

・If you have equipment at the store, please come to the store at least 1 hour before closing time.

Reception hours until 18:00

Please bring your ID card and seal. Please send a copy for mail-order purchases.

Students or those under the age of 18 cannot purchase. * Parental consent is required.

Be sure to bring your digital camera with all accessories. Missing items of main accessories will be reduced.
*Charger and battery required. If you bring the battery after charging it, the assessment can be done quickly.

・If you don't have it in the store or contact us by phone, we will answer the purchase limit amount.
* The purchase upper limit amount applies to new, unused, and beautiful products, and the amount varies depending on the condition.

Cameras and lenses to be purchased (limited to fully working products)

1. The latest digital cameras (single-lens reflex, mirrorless, compact)
2. Mechanical film camera (metal body)
3. AF and MF lenses (with some exceptions)

Cameras and lenses with no purchase price (defective items, etc.)

1. Broken camera lens
2. Cameras and lenses with mold or fog (except some)
3. Plastic film camera
4. Cameras without film today (Polaroid, 110, etc.)
5. Large format cameras, darkrooms and developing supplies
6. Various memories and various filters are consumables and are not eligible for purchase.

We also support online purchases and mail-order trade-ins. Please feel free to contact us.

Akihabara Nishin Camera Head Office TEL 03-3251-7504