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Thank you very much♪

Continuing from last time,

I would like to introduce some film examples!

Here is the film I used!


Using this film, I tried walking around Akihabara again ♪

~Around the station~

I was able to take a picture just when the train passed 😄

~Around the Park Gallery~

On the way to stop by Park Gallery, the surrounding area

I took a picture!

The area was crowded with shops, and it was crowded.

Park gallery with impressive blue and green walls✨

of unique writers

We are exhibiting wonderful works 👍

~Arts Chiyoda 3331~

Located near the Park Gallery,

I also went to 3331 Arts Chiyoda.

This seems to have been opened as an art center by renovating the place that was originally a junior high school.

In addition to art, they also hold a variety of exhibitions and workshops, so every time you come here, you'll have a fresh and enjoyable time♪

On this day, I took a break at the cafe in the hall☕

Even when shooting in a dark room, I opened the lens (this time with NEW MD 50/1.7) and kept my body as still as possible to avoid blurring, and it turned out to be a beautiful image😄

I often see people relaxing in the square here.

-Various scenery found on the road-

Onoden, congratulations on your 70th anniversary! !

What did you think?

Take a picture and see the finish,

There are no extreme features, but I felt that it was a very stable and easy-to-handle film😄

film color, etc.

I hope it will be helpful for your own shooting image!(^^)!

Thank you for watching ✨

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