I took a picture with the monochrome film "CatLABS 320"! 🐈

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Thank you for visiting our homepage!

And it's been a long time! ✋

The shop was renewed, and until then it was closed.

We will reopen again, so thank you for your continued support ♪

Well, here is the film to introduce right away!


It's "CatLABS" 🐈

The package with the illustration of the cat is cute♪

This time I tried shooting with monochrome film!

The camera used is MINOLTA X-700 & NEW MD 50/1.7📷

I myself do not have much experience shooting with monochrome negative film,

The finish was exciting! !

~Burari Ginza~

It is a scene of preparations at a certain brand store.

The show windows in Ginza are gorgeous and cool✨

In Ginza, there are many modern stylish places, but there are also many good old-fashioned buildings left, so it is a place where you can feel the times! !

~Burari Ueno Park~

Continuing on, here is a picture when I took a walk in Ueno Onshi Park🐼

Although it is a personal story, I went to Shinobazu Pond for the first time!

The pond was covered in lotuses, and it was an amazing sight! !

people playing gateball

People who read, pigeons and crows

Speaking of autumn, is it the autumn of reading? 📕

We often say autumn of ○○,

A fun season where you can take pictures and go to take pictures of autumn leaves


This is the Great Buddha, whose face remained due to the Great Kanto Earthquake and war.

This is the entrance to Ueno Daibutsu, where Yakushi Buddha is enshrined.

Photography is prohibited inside, so I just took a picture of the paper lanterns.

~Various things~

I took a picture of the night sky with the moon rising🌕

Maybe because of the effect of the brightness of the lens, I managed to take a picture (^^;

That was all for the introduction of sample photos! What do you think?

I hope this helps you in choosing your film.

See you next time 😊

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