Taken with FUJICOLOR 100📷

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As you can see in the title of the film I am introducing this time,


Thank you!

The film is relatively inexpensive, so will many people buy it?

Using this film and the familiar MINOLTA X-700 & MD50/1.7 camera,

I took pictures around Ueno Station, parks, and inside the National Museum of Nature and Science 📷

~Ueno Station Underground Passage~

The underground passage leading to the Keisei Line draws a curve and is beautiful.

Every time I pass by, I think

~Around Ueno Station~

The view you can see when you go up to the ground

~Ueno Park~
People spending time in Ueno Park
It was a beautiful day, so there were many people taking a walk or spending time at the cafe.
There were even people performing folk music!
~National Science Museum~
The building is beautiful and
The light that leaks from this stained glass is so beautiful✨
It was dark inside the museum, so I was worried while taking pictures.
Because the lens used a bright lens of 1.7,
I managed to take a picture (;'∀')
I took a picture without moving as much as possible! (smile)
The National Museum of Nature and Science has two buildings, the Japan Pavilion and the Global Pavilion.
I took this photo because the sky was beautiful in the outside passage that connects there☺
The view from the museum
A large whale statue greets you at the exit.
After all, it's the actual size, isn't it? It's so big!
~Ueno Park~
Former Museum and Zoo As you walk toward the station, you will see works by art university students.
was in the park.
Somehow, I dared to put it on the side 👍
The title of the work was "Captive Man".
Behind the work, the dog is happily chasing the branch.
It was a sight that I thought was symmetrical with the title of the work, running around freely🐕
~Kuroda Memorial Hall~
The building was so splendid, it was like the world of foreign movies!
What did you think?
The color development is rather light and elegant.
I personally think it's finished.
The deep green of the plant is beautiful🍃
I hope this helps you in your film selection.
Thank you very much for watching this time!

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