Taken with Kodak ULTRA MAX! Example introduction

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Thank you for visiting our website 😊

There are only a few places left this year ~!

Did you all get a lot of pictures in 2021?

In this day and age, it is difficult to go outside.

Thank you,

For that reason, the scenery that I was not conscious of in my daily life

I feel like I had a lot to see again.

This time, I went to a walking spot where I often go to take pictures!

This will be the last photo shoot for the year 📷

The film used was

Kodak ULTRAMAX 400🎞

The camera is the familiar MINOLTA X-700 & MD50/1.7.

~Santa Wanko~

There was a dog dressed as Santa near the entrance of the park🐕

It's cute (*^^*)


At the event booth under the overpass of the station with the park,

A certain school's brass band club was having a concert!

All the members were dressed up for Christmas and seemed to have fun♪

~Walking around the park~

There is Mt.Fuji in the back🏔

The sea glitters✨

I came before the tide, so the sandy beach was wide.

sandy beach in the shape of waves

It's natural beauty!

Autumn leaves were beautiful🍁

What do you think.

This time, the photos are all about the sea (;'∀')

I think that there is also a balance with the lens,

But even so, blue comes out well!

Both the sea and the sky are blue anyway! ! ! (smile)

However, such as autumn leaves and orange lights,

Warm colors come out beautifully too ✨

Isn't it one of the easy-to-use films?

We also sell Kodak ULTRAMAX 400 at our shop,

If you are looking for it, please take advantage of it 😊

Well then, thank you for watching this time ♪

Happy new year 🎍

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