Exhibition <Our Scenery> First term March 23 (Tue)-April 18 (Sun), 2021 *Closed

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Exhibition < Our Scenery > First half

Artist: Hikka (pictured)

Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2021 to Sunday, April 18, 2021
Place: Cafe RUTTEN_
〒110-0005 5-5-10-1F Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

*Exhibits are subject to the opening hours of the cafe.
*Please order one drink when entering.

Exhibition <Our Scenery>

As part of the "town to enjoy photography" project,
We are planning an exhibition of two artists who are expected to play an active role in the future.
While activities and expressions are restricted due to the corona wreck,
I feel that there are more and more opportunities to reconsider and look at the preciousness of familiar things.
Two people of the same age express the scenery of Tokyo today in the form of photographs and illustrations.
We hope that through this exhibition, you will be able to feel once again how rich the scenery in front of you is.

To become a city where people enjoy photography.

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